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  1. Thats a good day in the road.

    By mileage, Lebec CA would of been right around the distance we would recommend for a decent, yet safe day on the road.

    Thanks for checking in.
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    North rim to open.

    As you have mentioned, there is plenty to do in Zion but if you fancy seeing the Grand canyon from a different viewpoint then here's some news for you from the National parks !

    I am sure you...
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    As you are staying in MV and Grand canyon village...

    As you are staying in MV and Grand canyon village the east entrance into the Grand canyon would be on the natural route anyway. There is plenty to see and do in Zion so whether or not to do a tour...
  4. Time to re-think ?

    As you say "go straight to " I'm just checking you realise that this will require at least one overnight stop ?

    Parking in SF is problematic and expensive and the transport system is very...
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    Safe camping.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I would recommend you sit down and do a bit of research with your teen and let them get involved with the planning. They will get much more out of the trip if...
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    US 89 to UT scenic 12 is the best route to...

    US 89 to UT scenic 12 is the best route to Capitol reef NP and then continue on UT12/24 through Hanksville to Canyonlands via 1-70.

    From the Moab area to Monument valley you could detour and take...
  7. Sticky: Poll: Updates.

    The Glacier point road opened on April 30th at 8am. Updates on Tioga says they have plowed the pass and are now working on side roads and parking lots. Looks like it could be quite an early opening....
  8. Sticky: Poll: Cool.

    Loving the pictures Utahtea, really nice images.

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    Not going to happen.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    The only way to do it within 2 days is fly !! You can't drive safely for 16 hours a day between the two of you, never mind doing it the next day as well, and if...
  10. Sticky: Poll: Late storm blowing in.

    There is a winter storm warning in place for Sunday 25th and Monday 26th April which could bring significant amounts of snow with it. If you are visiting Yosemite during this time there is a warning...
  11. Sticky: Poll: Great to be getting out and about !

    Yes the snowpack was about 63% of average so less run off. I would love to see the Falls in Spring one day when they are at full flow !

  12. Sticky: Poll: Teeny bit jealous. (A lot)

    Thanks for the links tseeb and pleased to hear you managed to get away for a break ! How I would love to be around the Sierras right now !

  13. Great news.

    Good to see you back and great that you had such a good time ! If you want to share some highlights and memories briefly then please do here, or you could do a report in the Roadtrip field reports...
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    Tell us a bit more.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    How much time do you have available ? That makes a huge difference to what you might be able to see and where you will need to stay. Safety shouldn't be a...
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    Loving the drive !

    We only get 7 days a week here in the UK ! Now I feel really robbed. Haha. (Its OK I get the weekend thing if it's applicable in this case)

    Over how many days was this ? Our last RV trip we...
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    Quicker overall? Not so sure.

    To be honest I have never felt it that much of a big deal. Sure you got to travel smart, but just putting things in cupboards securely etc isn't that time consuming if you are organised. And would...
  17. Sticky: Poll: Avoid crowds if you can !

    Donna. This is the exact reason why we travel off peak season. I travel to get away from it all, not go with it ! I would rather have shorter days and chillier weather than little space. (I...
  18. Have you travelled by RV before ? I only ask as...

    Have you travelled by RV before ? I only ask as if it's a new experience and your not sure, this really would be a squeeze and everyone's limit of what's enough and what's too much is different. If...
  19. Sticky: Poll: Reservations will be required to enter park from May 21st.

    Spring has sprung ?? Reports from Yosemite say that following a warm week there is a lot more bare ground opening up as the snowpack shrinks. Despite the Spring feel to the weather the Tioga pass...
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    Tell us more.

    The other question would be, how many people in total ? If there is 4 or 5 in each RV you will need to hire more than one vehicle !! If you are all couples you could look at the possibility of 2...
  21. A bit more info needed.

    Hello and welcome !

    Is your trip a one way or return trip ? A one way trip could be expensive with one way drop off fees on an RV and you wouldn't have time to get near Seattle if it's a round...
  22. It's not a case of adding time to sightsee, you...

    It's not a case of adding time to sightsee, you need to add time purely to do the drive safely. So how much time are you prepared, or able to take to make it an enjoyable and safe experience. To get...
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    Getting back on the road !

    It's nice to see some activity here Donna so Thanks for the report, hopefully things will improve as more and more vaccinations get out there and we will see more Roadtrips ! (We hope to hit the road...
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    I agree with glc's route, it's a spectacular drive but again it's about timing. If you plan to drive to Moab from Gunnison for just one night and you want to visit Arches and Canyonlands, you won't...
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    That's a bit strange as US93 doesn't go near...

    That's a bit strange as US93 doesn't go near Jackson WY ?? I have driven almost the entire length of US93 in a class C RV without issues. Does RV Wizard pinpoint the locations ?

    I believe there...
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