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  1. Sticky: Virtual Hide and Seek and so much more!

    Jeff Sechler has a new book out with many more suggestions for games you can play on your next road trip. I'm going to play the "Virtual Hide and Seek" on my next trip! Check out his top 5 here.
  2. Sticky: Car Game Apps for Kids

    About a month ago, Jinny Gudmundsen posted this article USA-TODAY with her top picks for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad apps for roadtrip games.

    I have mixed feelings about this use of technology on...
  3. Sticky: New Article from the Patriot Ledger

    Here are a few more tips about road trip games in this new article by Melissa Erickson
  4. Sticky: Family Road Trips and Road Trip Car Games

    Just heard about a new road trip car game that's designed to work on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It's a variation of the alphabet game that many of us played as children on our own car trips.

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