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  1. Great idea!


    Thanks for the addition.

    Tom is working on adding maps to each of these threads that show all of the campgrounds. He'll probably accomplish this before the end of January.

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    Great storytelling and great photos.

    I had occasion to reread much this thread tonight.

    Great storytelling and great photos.

    A real treat.

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    Go North as soon as you can -- less ice (perhaps less snow)

    As others have suggested -- attempting to go south in January is almost a guaranteed route if you are seeking ice and problems.

    It all depends on what weather systems are pushing through, but if...
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    2nd best would hospital parking lots

    I agree with the truck stop as being the best place to sleep in your car (because of the availability of food and warm drinks)--but an alternative is the parking lot at hospitals. The lots are...
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    Adventuress Travel Magazine

    I met one of the editors of Adventuress Travel Magazine last night.

    From the site:

    We are women over 50 doing fun things….

    Here you’ll find essays of true experiences to stimulate the...
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    Gila Bend -- more than you might know!

    Thanks for the news of this new bypass.

    But I LIKE Gila Bend and I would never characterize it as being a "bleak area."

  7. Snow accumulation forecasting tool

    I like the new enhancements on -- very nice!

  8. The density of the meteor in stone/gill

    I enjoyed this trip down memory lane -- and your great story.

    Thanks for sharing! And a very Happy Holidays to you.

  9. Yeah, but is IS open!

    I consider somewhat amazing that they got the road reopened at all today.

  10. Maps of Closure areas

    That doesn't seem too bad.

    Maps here.

    Hope it goes well.

  11. Narrow Keyword Search Tool -- Brand New: December 17th

    These directions are related to the maps found under the Advanced Maps page.

    To Find an RTA Library Map that you can use and/or customize for planning your trip:

    1. Look at the left-hand side...
  12. It could affect thousands of real estate transactions

    That is a bit of geographic trivia that is quite surprising. You'd think that such a change would mess with millions of legal descriptions in this country.

    I wonder why it was worth it to even...
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    Posted on the RTA Facebook Page aGU
    (English subtitles are included)
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    Sticky: Looking forward!

    Sounds like another valuable resource -- thanks to @DonnaR57!
  15. Happy Holidays to us all!

    Thanks for this post. What a mess such a road closure will cause!

    Happy Holidays to us all!

  16. Once upon a time, even CB enthusiasts had callsigns issued by the FCC.

    Once upon a time, even CB enthusiasts had callsigns issued by the FCC. My CB operating license was KABC-4291 and I used it every time I used the radio. Later I used my handle "Silver Squid", but I...
  17. Sticky: Poll: Congratulations anuj1985!

    Congratulations to anuj1985!
  18. Certainly a puzzle

    That must have been a conversation starter!

    I didn't know about the barbed wired fence "receiver" that Rick mentioned, but I certainly heard his broadcasts.

    All very interesting.

  19. an internal LAN and it is disrupting that.

    Hmmm, that is interesting. Those are not cell phone towers, there is microwave and shortwave and looks like police bands in the 154.000 range.

    Years ago, I had a problem with a police...
  20. Sticky: Poll: Pretty day

    Clearing for now -- but it looks a tad chilly
    (Courtesy of
  21. Curious Minds Want the Details!

    Yes, I don't remember this reference either.

  22. Sticky: Poll: Show on Mt. Wilson

    Another pretty photo from Southern California. This is the main observatory at Mt. Wilson, California
    December 1, 2019 @...
  23. Sticky: Poll: Big Bear Village was reporting four feet of snow...

    Big Bear Village was reporting four feet of snow on the ground. That's an epic amount of snow for these mountains.

  24. Sticky: Poll: A short break in the clouds

    Mt. Whitney emerges from the storm (for now)
    (Courtesy of

    and the snow begins flying again......
  25. Sticky: Poll: Mt. Laguna is only 54 miles east of San Diego!

    Still too many clouds at Lone Pine to get a photo of Mt. Whitney, so I thought I would share something else.

    This is the web cam at Mt. Laguna where is currently 25 degrees F and just 54 miles...
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