• Pilgrim Memorial State Park - Plymouth, Massachusetts

      Mayflower II
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      This park commemorates the landing in this vicinity of the Pilgrims in 1620, and features the legendary Plymouth Rock, a must-see on everyone's list. But also be sure to tour the Mayflower II, a painstakingly detailed replica of the vessel they crossed the Atlantic on. It's astounding to hear about the conditions they endured on the journey and to get a first-hand evaluation of the cramped quarters they traveled in.

      If you go:
      You can view Plymouth Rock, which is under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for free. But there is a charge to tour Mayflower II, which is operated by Plimouth Plantation. (Yes, they do spell it Plimouth.) The one thing you need to know is that Plymouth Rock was created by an enterprising real estate agent in the 1950's as marketing ploy to sell nearby land. There is No historical evidence that Pilgrims landed at this spot. Over the years, a great story has evolved purporting to prove that This was the Spot, and no doubt their ship was anchored nearby but no one really knows for sure.


      Water Street
      Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 USA

      Mailing address:
      Plimouth Plantation
      PO Box 1620
      Plymouth, MA 02360 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      MA Dept. of Conservation and Rec.-Parks
      +1 (508) 747-5360

      Mayflower II Information
      +1 (508) 746-1622