• Goulding's Lodge - Monument Valley, Utah

      Goulding's Lodge
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Located on Hwy 163 directly opposite the road leading up into Monument Valley, Goulding's Lodge began life as a trading post in the early part of the last century and has grown to become an entire visitor hub, offering everything from rooms and campground to tours of the valley and beyond. Every one of its 60+ well furnished and extremely comfortable rooms offers stunning balcony views onto the Monument Valley.

      If you go:
      Other facilities include gas station, grocery store, pool, museum, restaurant and gift shop. Availability is very limited in the peak season so you'll need to book well ahead. The museum includes photos of many of the movies shot in the area and is a must-see when you visit Monument Valley. The trading post is still active and worth a look as well.


      Goulding's Lodge
      1000 Main Street
      Monument Valley, Utah 84536 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (435) 727-3231

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      1. Eris's Avatar
        Eris -
        Monument Valley is a top visit if you are exploring the West of the USA. It wasn’t until my last visit that I managed to tour around the trails in a vehicle from the Monument Valley Visitor Center. Found it a stunning visual experience.

        Many of us fly thousands of miles, rent vehicles and stay at hotels to get there. So why pinch on the cents at Monument Valley. It is a place, in my opinion, not to just stop and buy the T shirt and pass through but to stay at least a night. Gouldings Lodge isn’t posh but well fulfils the needs of an unfussy person in the desert. Great ambience and views.

        And as a big fan of cowboy films the thought of John Wayne having walked the ground there is a big incentive for me.

        Rolling, rolling, rolling – not exactly John Wayne but it does get my marbles moving.