• Leaning Tower of Niles - Niles, Illinois

      You don't have to go to Italy to get a glimpse of the iconic leaning tower. Since 1934, there's been a half-size replica of the Pisan architectural curiosity in the Chicago suburb of Niles. Originally built as a water storage facility, it apparently was modeled after the Italian tourist attraction because Niles and Pisa are sister cities. Now it has no other function except to provide a photo opportunity that can't be found elsewhere on this side of the Atlantic. ]

      If you go:
      The tower stands next to a YMCA, which has ample parking.


      6232 West Touhy Avenue
      Niles, Illinois 60714 USA

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      1. Dennis Goza's Avatar
        Dennis Goza -
        Jackie also sent in a couple more photos of the tower, including one where it appears to be standing perfectly straight. We might be able to post a few more later.