• Audio Book Review: Renegade: The Making of a President, by Richard Wolffe

      Known to the Secret Service by his codename, Renegade, Barak Obama waged a tireless campaign to become the first man of African American descent to occupy The White House. Early in his candidacy he formed an alliance with Newsweek reporter, Richard Wolffe, who agreed to document the Obama quest for the White House. As a result of his access to the candidate, either through “unplugged” interviews or as a member of the press corps covering the campaign, Wolffe is able to present an intimate and accurate look at the 44th President of the United States.

      All told, Wolffe spent 21 months covering the campaign and during that time had the opportunity to speak not only to the candidate, but to campaign workers, aides and others associated with the election. We all know the outcome of the election, but what only those privy to the inner workings could know are what President Obama’s feelings were throughout the election process. Wolffe reports comments about the Clinton-Obama conflict before, during and after the primaries that explain the depth of Obama’s respect for his rival and why he was quick to choose her as his Secretary of State. Wolffe also recounts Obama’s early upbringing, giving background information about his biracial heritage—the father who abandoned him and the mother and grandparents who raised him. After hearing about his childhood, high school, college and early career experiences, his ability to persevere and excel, both in politics and in his personal life becomes understandable.

      Wolffe’s background as a political analyst for MSNBC and as a journalist for Newsweek gives him the expertise to identify what is happening in a presidential campaign and the ability to present that insight in understandable terms to the rest of the world. Although the campaign officially ran from the announcement in Springfield to the victory in Chicago, there was much more that went into making the Senator from Illinois into the President o f the United States in a few short years. Richard Wolffe provides a great deal of that information in a clear, concise and captivating account in this highly recommended audio book.

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