• SPAM Museum - Austin, Minnesota

      The SPAM Museum celebrates the canned meat created by Hormel. The free museum features movies, exhibits, games, and recipes about SPAM. There's even a feature on the Monty Python skit that created led to the term "spam" being used for unwanted email and advertising. At the end of the museum is a gift shop featuring lots of fun SPAM branded gear, including SPAM flavors that aren't typically found in the US like Garlic SPAM and Black Pepper SPAM.

      If you go:
      Several restaurants in the neighborhood have added SPAM creations to the menu, in case you're hungry after hearing all about the wonder of SPAM! And if you're ever in Las Vegas or anywhere in Hawaii, you'll be amazed at the varieties of SPAM found in Hawaiian barbeque restaurants.


      101 3rd Ave NE
      Austin, Minnesota 55912 USA

      Mailing address:
      Hormel Foods Corporation
      Consumer Response
      1 Hormel Place
      Austin MN 55912 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      SPAM Museum and SPAM Shop
      +1 (800) LUV-SPAM

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      1. DonnaR57's Avatar
        DonnaR57 -
        Nice article! Sometimes one forgets that there is another type of spam besides the junk email that we get. :-)

      1. Midwest Michael's Avatar
        Midwest Michael -
        UPDATE: A New and Improved SPAM Museum opened up in 2016. Instead of being located next to the Hormel Plant, it now has it's own space about a mile up the road at 101 3rd Ave NE in Downtown Austin. The New Museum also has many new interactive displays, and even more new flavors not available anywhere else in the US, like Tocino and Portuguese Sausage.