• Panamint Valley, Death Valley National Park

      Photo by Peter Thody
      There can be few more exciting driving prospects than the sight of California SR 190 stretching out in the distance towards Panamint Springs, viewed from just west of Towne Pass, Death Valley. A winding 9% descent sees you plummet to the valley floor far below, before rising up the other side on a perfectly straight road. Most of the time the valley floor is a parched desert but at times of heavy rain a shallow lake can form there. If it's dry, stop and take a walk; the sense of being a tiny speck on a huge landscape is overwhelming.

      If you go:
      Look out for cars with weird paint jobs; major manufacturers test prototype vehicles around here and try to disguise them using psychedelic camouflage patterns.


      Panamint Valley
      Highway 190
      Death Valley, California 92328 USA

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      Furnace Creek Visitor Center
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      Death Valley National Park
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