• Newberry Springs, California

      Newberry Springs has been an important source of water in the arid Mojave Desert for years, serving as a watering hole along the Mormon Trail in the 1850s. Its attraction to most visitors on the National Trails Hwy today lies in its photogenic decay "a derelict motel here, an abandoned old Airstream there" but it's actually community with a number of historic buildings, Native American relics and natural attractions. It's also home to the Bagdad cafe which attracts visitors from all over the world as the location of the 1987 movie of the same name.

      If you go:
      There are hundreds of ponds and small lakes in the area. In fact, Newberry Springs is home to several world-class water skiing schools, but you have to look for them! It's also home to the annual Pistachio Festival in November.


      National Trails Hwy
      Newberry Springs, California 92635 USA

      Mailing address:
      Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce
      P.O. Box 116
      Newberry Springs, CA 92365-0116 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce
      +1 (760) 257-1072

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      1. Mark Sedenquist's Avatar
        Mark Sedenquist -
        I chartered an aerial survey a few years ago of this area of the Mojave desert. You can't believe how many ponds and small lakes dot this area. There are no less than three world-class water skiing training camps located here in the Newberry Springs area. Mark