• Village of Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania

      Amish Buggy
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Bird-in-Hand along with neighboring Intercourse is perhaps the best known of the Amish communities of Lancaster County, right at the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. While change has come in the form of growing reliance on tourism, this tiny village of just 300 people is home to the Smucker Family Restaurant, a country homestead, a farmers market and numerous craft outlets most of the residents still follow a way of life virtually unchanged since the 18th century, traveling around in their distinctive black horse-drawn buggies.


      2705 Old Philadelphia Pike
      Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania 17505 USA

      Mailing address:
      Bird-in-Hand Corporation
      P.O. Box 402
      Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Bird-in-Hand Corporation
      +1 (800) 665-8780