• Kinetic Sculpture Museum - Ferndale, California

      View kinetic sculptures on display in the Ferndale Art & Cultural Center. These entries in the Kinetic Grand Championship are all-terrain human-powered art sculptures that are engineered to race over road, water, mud and sand. They are also amazing works of art; many are animated with moving parts like blinking eyes, opening mouths, heads that move side to side and up and down. The race is a three-day event that began 40 years ago and continues today. The 2006 race was sponsored by RoadTrip America!

      If you go:
      The race begins in Arcata so you can catch the three-day race in several spots. Or, if you visit another time, enjoy some of the kinetic sculptures at the gallery. RV parking in town. You can also view the Victorian houses Ferndale is known for. Pick up a walking tour map at the Chamber display in the same building or at the Ferndale Museum at the corner of Shaw and Third Streets.


      580 Main Street
      Ferndale, California 95536 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Museum
      +1 (707) 616-5703

      Ferndale Museum
      +1 (707) 786-4466