• Fenelon Place Elevator - Dubuque, Iowa

      Fenelon Place Elevator
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Said to be the shortest, steepest railway of its kind, the elevator carries passengers 189 feet higher from 4th Street to Fenelon Place. It was originally built in 1882 so one man - J.K. Graves - could get home faster and have more time to enjoy his dinner.

      If you go:
      As well as being a piece of history, the ride to the top also offers great views.


      Fenelon Place
      Dubuque, Iowa 52001 USA

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      1. gignoon's Avatar
        gignoon -
        I love this place and have been here many times. It is really cool at night time! Kids love it as well! Cheap fun and good times!
      1. Year25's Avatar
        Year25 -
        Really neat place. My husband and I rode it on our Honeymoon many years ago! I was scared to ride it because it was so steep, but after driving to the top of the hill, and talking with the older gentleman operator, I braved up and gave it a try! We went back years later and took the kids on it, too. They were hesitant, but got on and thoroughly enjoyed the ride!