• The Big Texan Steak Ranch - Amarillo, Texas

      The Big Texan, Amarillo
      Photo by Peter Thody
      The Big Texan Steak Ranch is a glorious restaurant and fun tourist trap in the panhandle of Texas. If you're a big eater, you can try the steak challenge and attempt to down a 72-oz steak (nicknamed 'the Texas King') meal, which also includes a salad, bread and butter, a baked potato, ranch beans, and a shrimp cocktail. If you can finish all this in under an hour, it's free. If not, it'll cost you 72 bucks. Only about 8,000 people out of 48,000 have ever been successful in their feasting attempts.

      If you go:
      Be hungry. Wear loose pants. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week, from 7 am to 10:30 pm. Dinner prices range from $15-$72...or...free.. Any time you want a big steak, or want to earn bragging rights!


      7701 I-40 East
      Amarillo, Texas 79118-6915 USA

      Mailing address:
      The BIG TEXAN Steak Ranch & Motel
      P. O. Box 37000
      Amarillo, TX 79120-7000 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (806) 372-6000

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      1. karenalex67's Avatar
        karenalex67 -
        Can't wait to check this place out, my husband and I love going to new places and trying out the food there. We're looking for were the locals eat so, we can let the rest of travlers like us know whats cook'n...