• ARIZONA TO CALIFORNIA: A challenging bike ride for a great cause

      The third annual Ride for Semper Fi, is a philanthropic bicycle ride that begins in Scottsdale, Arizona and ends three days and 430 miles later at SeaWorld in San Diego.

      PHOENIX, Arizona - When 50 cycling enthusiasts pedal from Phoenix to San Diego this October, they'll not only test their endurance, they'll be on a mission to make a difference. The third annual Ride for Semper Fi, which begins Oct. 13th, is a 430-mile, three-day cycling adventure to raise money for injured Marines. The goal is to raise $177,500 for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund by the time the cyclists end the ride at Sea World on Oct. 16.

      'We are not professional athletes or career fundraisers, but we are people who want to give back to those Marines who have sacrificed so much of themselves in order to fight for our country,' John Greenway, founder and chairman of The Ride for Semper Fi, said.

      Between now and the Ride's kick-off in October, the 50 riders who participate - including some injured Marines who have benefited from the fund in the past - devote nearly five months to a rigorous training regime. They complete training rides of up to 100 miles while also continuing their individual fundraising efforts.

      In 2009, the Ride raised more than $150,000 to help defray expenses, assist in recovery and support family members of Armed Forces service people injured in combat. This year, the
      fundraising goal is $177,500, which will help pay for medical expenses, physical therapy and other necessary equipment, such as wheelchairs and prostheses.

      'The Marine Corps was founded in 1775,' Greenway said. 'So, we knew that raising $177,500 would really mean something to those Marines who are so important to us and our cause. It's not only about raising the money. It's about showing them that we respect their history, and recognize their significant contribution to our country's history, too.'

      Greenway first envisioned The Ride for Semper Fi when he attended his nephew’s graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. Knowing his nephew would likely be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, Greenway became determined to make a significant contribution for his nephew and all other Marines fighting overseas.

      The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund is a non-profit charity that has given more than $38 million in grants to more than 15,000 injured Marines and their families. The Fund provides immediate financial assistance to defray hospital bills and recovery expenses.
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