• ONLINE - Plan ahead and you can have lots of fun on your trip

      RoadTrip America in the news: Megan Edwards provides tips for planning a road trip

      Vacation season is almost here and many of you are no doubt itching to get out of the house for a few days and do serious relaxing.

      Of course, not everyone can afford a cruise or book a flight to Europe or the Caribbean. For the rest of us, that leaves the ever-reliable American method of travel — the road trip.

      But how best to prepare for your trip so that you don’t curse at yourself (or your travel companions) because you’re stuck in traffic or lost?

      We talked to travel experts to get the lowdown on how to make your car trip a memorable one — in a good way.

      Plan ahead: “Some people like the kind of a road trip where they just get in the car and go,” said Megan Edwards of the website RoadTrip America. “They get a feeling of freedom.”

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