• San Marcos La Laguna - San Marcos, Solala

      Sunset at Lake Atitlan
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      San Marcos has a reputation as the hippie center of Lake Atitlan, with a large number of American expats and tourists present at any given time, many of them counterculture types. It has become a popular retreat spot for mind-body disciplines such as yoga and meditation. And if you've ever thought about trying sound massage, or just learning what sound massage is, you can do it here. You'll find health food stores and herbalists alongside traditional Mayan arts and crafts created and sold by the Natives. Part of the village's charm is its scarcity of roads and streets. The way to get around here is by footpaths, making the town seem even more intimate. San Marcos also offers some of the best views of Lake Atitlan.

      If you go:
      The best way to access San Marcos is by taking one of the frequent passenger boats leaving from Panajachel. It's also possible to walk to San Marcos from some nearby villages if you're up for a hearty hike. Despite its small size, San Marcos offers high quality lodging and dining. As of this writing there is only one ATM in town, and it has been known to run out of cash frequently, so plan accordingly.


      14.725, -91.25833
      San Marcos, Solala 07016 Guatemala

      Phone Numbers:

      Guatemala Tourism Commission
      +502 (2290) 2800