• Santa Cruz la Laguna, Solala

      Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      Santa Cruz is one of the smaller villages along the shoreline of scenic Lake Atitlan, but it still attracts plenty of tourists. Lined along the shore are restaurants, cafes, hotels, hostels, boutiques, and other businesses to appeal to foreign visitors. There's also scuba diving and stand-up paddle boarding. All within view of a stunning mountain range featuring active volcanoes. But don't spend all of your time by the water's edge. Be sure to hike up the hill, or take a tuk-tuk if you prefer, to the village of the indigenous Kaq'chikel people. It's especially worth checking out on market days.

      If you go:
      Santa Cruz, like many villages on the lake, is accessible only by boat or hiking trail. The only road into town is extremely rough and used by locals only when necessary. There is frequent boat service between Santa Cruz and other villages, particularly Panajachel, which is the largest town on the lake and the transportation hub between the lake region and what one might call the outside world. Boats run frequently and the fare is low, but be aware that foreigners pay considerably more than locals. If the rather pricey hotels in Santa Cruz are not in your budget, you can find Airbnb lodging at an extremely reasonable rate.


      Santa Cruz la Laguna, Solala 07014 Guatemala