• Ice House Museum - Cumberland Island, Georgia

      The Ice House Museum is just past the Dungeness Dock where the ferry will let you off. It is a< good place to start your exploration. It was originally an ice house built by Thomas and Lucy Carnegie around 1890 and used to store ice shipped down from the north before refrigerators were invented. It tells the history of the island from the Timucuans who first inhabited the island until the English under George Ogletharp came into Georgia in 1733 through the Carnegie era. There are restrooms behind the museum./div>

      If you go:
      To get around the island, you can hike, bring a bike on the ferry, or rent one at the one small concession stand near the dock. There are no paved roads so you will be riding on dirt roads, many with soft sand. Bring food and drinks with you and haul out trash. Spring, Summer, and Fall, the ferry operates seven days a week with departures at 9 and 11:45 AM and returns at 10:45AM, 2:45 (except Sunday) and 4:45 PM. DO NOT miss your last ferry back or you will be spending the night on the island.


      Next to Dungeness Dock
      Cumberland Island, Georgia 31558 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Ferry to Island
      +1 (877) 8606787

      Park info
      +1 (912 ) 882-4336