• Dali Museum - St Petersburg, Florida

      The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg is an art lover's heaven. The museum has an extensive collection of Dali's art and a gallery showing temporary exhibits. My favorite exhibit is the Rainy Rolls 2010 right on the main floor. Rainy Rolls 2010 is a sculpture paying homage to Dali's many Rainy Taxi sculptures. He once stuffed a Rolls Royce with cauliflower and called it art. This one is a Rolls Royce Sedanca that was in production from 1929 until 1936. The Rolls Royce has leaves protruding from its doors, sides, and roof. There is a "driver" dressed in a suit with a deep-sea diving helmet, a few lifelike snails, and a strange-looking lady in the passenger seat. Of course, its raining inside the car. Another interesting exhibit is one of Dali's painting that changes from a nude woman to Abraham Lincoln's face. There's video explaining how the Surrealist Movement arose.

      If you go:
      Advanced timed tickets are required at this time. The Dali is open daily 10AM-6PM and until 8PM on Thursday. Parking is $10 but there is a free St. Petersburg Downtown Looper trolley that runs from the pier and around parts of downtown.


      1 Dali Blvd,
      St Petersburg, Florida 33701 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Dali Musuem
      +1 (727) 823.3767