• Wild Horses Of Silver Springs - Silver Springs, Nevada

      Wild Horses Of Silver Springs, NV
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      The little town of Silver Springs is one of several places in Nevada where you can see wild horses running around. Silver Springs is an especially good location for it, because they feel very friendly toward humans and you can get quite close to them. Note, however, that it's forbidden by law to feed or touch them. The locals give them plenty of free rein, as it were, and the police even stand guard when they cross the highway.

      If you go:
      There's not much else of interest in Silver Springs except the obligatory casino, but nearby is Lake Lahontan Recreation Area.


      US Highway 95A and Highway 50
      Silver Springs, Nevada 89429 USA

      Mailing address:
      Silver Springs Area Chamber Of Commerce
      P.O Box 617
      Silver Springs, NV 89429 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Silver Springs Area Chamber Of Commerce
      +1 (775) 577-4336