• Molar City, Mexico - Winterhaven, California

      Molar City, Mexico
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      The Mexican border town of Los Algodones, just a few miles from Yuma Arizona, has become such a mecca for Americans seeking low cost dental treatment that it has earned the nickname Molar City. With a population of only about 6000, the town boasts more than 350 dentists, most of them quite reputable and reasonably priced, as well as other doctors and pharmacies. But many people also go across the border just to get a quick taste of small-town Mexico, with inexpensive local cuisine and crafts. Even as you wait in line to get back across the border, you will be entertained by musicians and presented with a variety of homemade items that you may find hard to resist. Oh, and everyone in town speaks English.

      If you go:
      Although Los Algodones is next to California, all businesses operate on Arizona time. The email given is for the Baja California Tourism office. The address given is for the U.S. border crossing point. Everything you'll need in Los Algodones will be a short walk from there. There is a parking lot next to the border operated by the Quechan tribe that charges 10 dollars. The tribe also operates a casino about two miles away, and you can park an RV there overnight, also for 10 dollars. If you are going to get dental work, do your homework in advance, as there are both good and bad doctors with no guarantees. You can expect to save about 60 to 70 percent over U.S. prices, and get the work done more quickly. Be advised that the wait in line to get back into the U.S. can be an hour or more, particularly during the busy winter season. And don't forget your passport.


      235 Andrade Road
      Winterhaven, California 92283 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Baja California Tourism Trust
      +52 (612) 124 19 88

      Yuma Visitor Information Center
      +1 (928) 783-0071