• Paul W. Bryant Museum - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

      Bryant Museum
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      The University Of Alabama has a long and proud football tradition. And even those of us who are not football fans have heard of its legendary coach Paul W. Bryant, nicknamed Bear, who during his 25-year career coaching at the university won 6 national championships and 13 conference championships. If you happen to be at the University campus, you might consider this little museum worth a look for its impressive collection of trophies, photos, videos and other memorabilia, providing a colorful glimpse of a segment of American pop culture.

      If you go:
      Open daily 9 to 4 except for major holidays. Admission is only 2 dollars for adults and 1 dollar for seniors or children. You can park behind the museum or at Coleman Coliseum across the street.


      300 Paul W. Bryant Drive
      Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Paul W. Bryant Museum
      +1 (205) 348-4668

      Toll Free
      +1 (866) 772-2327