• Lucy Craft Laney Museum Of Black History - Augusta, Georgia

      Lucy Craft Laney Museum
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      Lucy Craft Laney, a pioneer in the education of African-Americans, lived in this house which has now become a museum of her legacy. Though she was never a slave, she was born during the time of slavery to a minister father and a mother whose freedom her father had purchased years earlier. After the war, she began teaching black children wherever she could, despite a lack of support and even opposition to the education of blacks. She ultimately persevered in founding her own school in Augusta and produced, among other achievements, the first black kindergarten in the state and the first nurses training institute for blacks.

      If you go:
      Open Tuesday through Saturday 9:30 to 4.


      1116 Phillips Street
      Augusta, Georgia 30901 USA

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      Lucy Craft Laney Museum Of Black History
      +1 (706) 724-3576