• Polebridge Mercantile - Polebridge, Montana

      Polebridge Mercantile
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      When visiting Glacier National Park, it's worth your while to make a pit stop at Polebridge Mercantile and Bakery to stock up on any supplies. The store will make you feel that you've stepped back in time a century or so. The Polebridge is noted for its delicious baked goods, especially its nearly legendary bear claws. There are extensive displays of antique tools and implements such as might have been sold when the establishment opened in 1914. You can even stay here in one of the Polebridge Merc's rental cabins. Amazingly, they operate off grid, with power supplied by generators and solar panels.

      If you go:
      No wifi or garbage facilities. Closed during the winter. Be advised that the roads can be rather rough.


      265 Polebridge Loop
      Polebridge, Montana 59928 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Polebridge Mercantile
      +1 (406) 888-5105