• Village Of Arden - Arden, Delaware

      Village Of Arden, Delaware
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      Founded in 1900 by a sculptor and an architect as a planned community practicing Georgist economic principles, the colorful village of Arden still thrives as a haven of storybook architecture, hippie aesthetic, and artsy decor with occasional touches of Fifties kitsch. The whole village is even listed on the National Register Of Historic Places. A drive-through or walking tour of this little neighborhood is a visual delight, and chances are you will encounter some of the friendly residents. If you need a good excuse to drop in, the neighborhood has been home to the Candlelight Dinner Theatre for half a century.

      If you go:
      Arden Club has a good parking lot if you would like to leave your vehicle behind and explore the neighborhood on foot.


      2119 The Highway
      Arden, Delaware 19810 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Village Secretary
      +1 (302) 475-3516