• Holi Festival Of Colors - Riverside, California

      Holi Festival Of Colors
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      In India, Holi is a colorful and lively festival that heralds the arrival of spring. It's been adopted and adapted in the U.S. at several locations, including Riverside. The one-day event features food, music, dancing, yoga and other festivities designed to elevate your mood. Participants drench each other in brightly colored cornstarch powder, as opposed to the traditional liquid colors used in India, spreading color and good will simultaneously. A memorable and exhilarating event for all ages. A modest admission fee is charged.

      If you go:
      The event takes place rain or shine. Note that while the Riverside event has been held in Martha McLean Park for the past several years, the venue is subject to change. Check the website as the event draws nearer to verify location. If you have a sensitive respiratory system, you might want to bring a dust mask, or purchase one on site, for when the colors start flying.


      Martha McLean Park
      5759 Jurupa Avenue
      Riverside, California 92504 USA