• Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch - Picacho, Arizona

      Rooster Cogburn's
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      It isn't just ostriches at Rooster Cogburn ranch. It's also donkeys and deer and goats and chickens and ducks and rabbits and birds. There's even a pool of stingrays. And you'll have all of them literally eating out of your hand, with special food provided. For a particularly memorable experience, you can even have the goats taking the food from your lips and providing you with a goat kiss. That and the sensation of the critters, particularly the stingrays, licking, slurping and pecking the grub from your hands will have you laughing out loud. Particularly impressive are the exotic birds known as lorikeets, who not only land on your arm to feed from the cup of food in your hand, but remove the lids from the cups themselves. Friendly and fun-loving staff on hand to guide you through your animal encounter and answer your questions.

      If you go:
      Open daily from 9 to 5 during the winter, and Friday through Monday, 9 to 5 during the summer. Children under 5 admitted free, but there is a charge for feed if they want to feed the critters. No pets permitted.


      17599 East Peak Lane
      Picacho, Arizona 85141 USA

      Mailing address:
      PO Box 1100
      Red Rock, AZ 85145 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch
      +1 (520) 466-3658

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      1. DonnaR57's Avatar
        DonnaR57 -
        If anybody's wondering why it's named after one of John Wayne's most famous characters, it's because John Wayne loved that area of Arizona. He had a very large cattle ranch, for a while, that was located between Maricopa and Stanfield, and had other properties scattered in the Maricopa-Stanfield-Casa Grande area.

      1. Dennis Goza's Avatar
        Dennis Goza -
        Also, the family who owns the place is named Cogburn, and descended from the real Franklin "Rooster" Cogburn, the real-life individual whose name Charles Portis apparently borrowed for the True Grit character.
      1. Dennis Goza's Avatar
        Dennis Goza -
        Just wanted to mention that during the COVID-19 crisis, the ranch is offering an Adopt A Critter program so you can help make sure the animals are provided for during the shutdown. See the website for details.