• Silver Springs Glass Bottom Boat Tour - Silver Springs, Florida

      Glass Bottom Boat Tour
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      Of the many fun things to do in Silver Springs State Park, one of the best known, and indeed the state's oldest tourist attraction, is the glass-bottom boat tour, operating since the 1870s. You'll have an excellent view of the flora and fauna to be found in the crystal clear water beneath you. You'll certainly spot many varieties of fish, and possibly a turtle, an alligator and/or a few manatees. In addition, you'll get a good glimpse of a few of the river's many springs, one of which goes 81 feet deep, and some relics including a large Spanish rowboat that sank 400 years ago and three statues that were placed on the bottom for an episode of the TV series I Spy in 1967. The tour is narrated by a friendly boat captain who will point out that the location has been a frequent sight of film and TV shoots, including several James Bond films, several Tarzan films and many episodes of the TV series Sea Hunt.

      If you go:
      The tours are offered every day between 10 and 5 and last about half an hour, though a 90 minute tour is also available at certain times. You may have a guide who has been conducting these tours for half a century. Tickets for the tour are in addition to park admission, which is very modest. There is also a restaurant and an ice cream parlor on site.


      5656 East Silver Springs
      Silver Springs, Florida 34488 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Silver Spring State Park
      +1 (352) 261-5840