• Boston Dance Mile - Boston, Massachusetts

      Boston Dance Mile
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      One Saturday each September, the plaza in front of Boston's city hall comes to life, pulsing with the sound of music and the colorful sight of people of all ages dancing, doing yoga, and physically challenging themselves in a number of other ways, such as wall climbing. After a morning of getting loosened up and geared up, hundreds of participants take to the streets, dancing behind a slow-moving truck that pumps out loud music, leading the happy throng in a loop of approximately one mile past some of the city's historic sites. It's a chance to be wild and colorful while getting a good workout and doing some sightseeing. Dance Mile is a touring event produced by Next Decibel, headquartered in New York City and Portland, Maine. In addition to Boston and Portland, Dance Mile events are held in Chicago, Minneapolis and Colorado Springs.

      If you go:
      Advance registration required to do the dance mile, but other events of the day are open to anyone. Plan to make a day of it. There are several activities in the morning leading up to the dance parade starting at about noon. And afterward, you can go exploring this historic city some more. Public transportation is advised. And note that there is no storage available for personal items, so you must carry everything with you. Oh, and the music on the dance route is extremely loud. Bring good earplugs.


      Boston City Hall Plaza
      1 City Hall Square
      Boston, Massachusetts 02201 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Next Decibel
      +1 (207) 221-5188