• McCook, Nebraska, to Liberal, Kansas, via US Highway 83

      260 miles -- About 8 hours

      The book "Road Trip USA" calls US Highway 83 the "Road to Nowhere," and it connects Brownsville, TX, with the Canadian Border north of Westhope, ND. This route is a one-day, 260 mile, drive on southbound US Highway 83 through western Kansas. You can always tell when you're approaching a town when driving in Kansas because you see a cluster of trees, at least one water tower and at least one elevator.

      Here are some highlights to look forward to:

      McCook, NE (starting point)
      McCook, Nebraska, is 15 miles north of the Kansas border and it's the county seat of Red Willow County. McCook has red-brick streets and lots of old buildings. Begin the day at Sehnert's Bakery, which has been in business since 1957. These days Sehnert's has a cafe that's famous for its "cabbage burger."

      Oberlin, KS (mile 29)
      Oberlin, Kansas, is 14 miles south of the Nebraska border and it's the county seat of Decatur County. The Last Indian Raid Museum is a great way to spend an hour. Oberlin has red-brick streets and lots of old buildings. Oberlin at the junction of US Highway 83 and US Highway 36.

      Oakley, KS (mile 90)
      Oakley is the county seat of Logan County. It is the home of the Fick Fossil and History Museum (free) and I'd stay at the Annie Oakley Motel if I had to spend the night. An outstanding Buffalo Bill Sculpture is located on the west-side of Oakley on US Highway 83.

      Monument Rock, KS (14 mile detour)
      A few miles south of Oakley is a 14-mile round-trip detour to visit Monument Rocks national natural landmark. It was the first landmark chosen by the US Department of the Interior as a national natural landmark. On 29 January 2008, Monument Rocks (and Castle Rock) were jointly named as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas.

      Scott City, KS (mile 160)
      Scott City is the county seat of Scott County. Scott City is home to the El Quartelejo Museum (free, but limited hours). Nearby Lake Scott State Park and Wildlife Area is a "surprising oasis nestled in the Western Kansas prairie."

      Garden City, KS (mile 196)
      Garden City is the county seat of Finney County. Garden City is one of the largest cities on US Highway 83 with a population of 30,000. In the summer you can swim in the "World's Largest, Outdoor, Municipal, Concrete Swimming Pool." Garden City is at the the crossroads of US Highway 83 and US Highway 50.

      Sublette, KS (mile 233)
      Sublette is the county seat of Haskell County. Sublette is an elevator town (it has least four of them). Sublette is at the crossroads of US Highway 83 and US Highway 56.

      Liberal, KS (mile 267)
      Liberal is the county seat of Seward County. Liberal's population is approximately 20,000 and it's home to the Mid-America Air Museum ($7), "Land of Oz" and "Dorthy's House". CityOfLiberal.com says, "And the best thing about Liberal is the people...as friendly and hospitable as they were when the town got its name from its 'liberal' offering of free water to travelers." Liberal is at the crosswords of US Highway 83 and US Highway 54.

      This "Welcome to Kansas" sign is at the
      Nebraska border on US Hwy-83.