• 21C Museum Hotel - Bentonville, Arkansas

      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      If you've ever wanted to spend a night at the museum, here's your chance. 21C is both a stimulating little art museum and a top-notch hotel with world class dining available. And if the price tag of 200 dollars a night and up is a bit much for you, you still can walk in and view the artwork anytime, absolutely free. Exhibits change periodically, and some works of art are swapped between this location and other 21C properties. The friendly staff will welcome you and gladly answer your questions.

      If you go:
      Other 21C hotels are currently located in Oklahoma City, Nashville, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville and Durham. Coming soon: Des Moines, Kansas City and Miami. The Bentonville location is a short walk to the Wal-Mart museum, and not far from the Crystal Bridges museum of art.


      200 Northeast A Street
      Bentonville, Arkansas 72712 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Information and Reservations
      +1 (479) 286-6500

      Toll Free
      +1 (855) 535-0273