• Omni Parker House - Boston, Massachusetts

      Photo by Peter Thody
      Opened in 1855, Boston's landmark Omni Parker House has a number of claims to fame, including being America's longest continuously operating hotel, the site of Dickens' first reading of A Christmas Carol in America, and the location of JFK's proposal to Jackie Bouvier in 1953. But for many visitors, it's best known as The Birthplace of the Boston Cream Pie (which is not actually a pie at all but a cream filled layer cake).

      If you go:
      This isn't a cheap place to stay but its location - smack bang in the heart of downtown and within easy walking distance of the city's many historic attractions - makes it an ideal base for the first time visitor with limited time to explore.


      60 School Street
      Boston, Massachusetts 02108

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (617) 227-8600