• Newport Pier - Newport Beach, California

      Photo by Dennis Goza
      In addition to being a hub of Southern California's fabled beach culture, Newport Pier is a site of historical interest. It was once the location of McFadden's Wharf, a major shipping center. As the shipping industry declined, the recreation industry took over. Today, the beach is lined with homes and vacations rentals, as wells as shops, restaurants and other businesses. And it's a mecca for bathers, surfers, sunbathers, fisherpersons and general fun seekers. A distinctive feature is a stall where dory fishermen park their boats and sell their wares.

      If you go:
      Great for a visit any time, but you'll find it considerably less crowded in the winter. And the weather is often still quite warm enough. Look for the plaque commemorating McFadden's Wharf.


      1 Newport Beach Pier
      Newport Beach, California 92663 USA

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      100 Civic Center Dr.
      Newport Beach, CA 92660 USA

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