• Escape Rooms PHX - Mesa, Arizona

      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      Escape Rooms PHX very well might win the prize among escape rooms for the greatest variety among its various adventures. "Who Killed the Sheriff" is a more slow-paced, live action variety of a board-style game with a western motif. "The Vampyre Hunter" is an atmospheric scavenger hunt of moderate difficulty. And the most challenging of all is "The Mad Clockmaker's Gold," a timed quest to unlock locks and solve puzzles using numbers, numbers, numbers. You don't have to be a math whiz (it's just simple addition and subtraction) but you do have to be attentive, logical and intuitive. And for good measure, there's also "Cage 2 Rage," which isn't really an escape room, but an oddball fun alternative. What happens is you don protective gear, pick up a club, go into a room and smash the crap out of things. You can bring your own objects to smash or purchase them on the premises.

      If you go:
      Adventures available Wednesday through Saturday 10 to 10, and on Sunday 11 to 9. Office hours Wednesday through Friday 5 to 10, Saturday 10 to 10 and Sunday 11:30 to 8. Maximum group size for a Rage room is 4, for other rooms maximum is 10. May not be suitable for younger children. Reservations recommended.


      322 East Brown Road
      Suite 101
      Mesa, Arizona 85201 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Escape Rooms PHX
      +1 (480) 392-8547