• Architectural DNA - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      Depending on your perspective, you may find this curious work of art to be much ado about nothing, or a unique landmark worth taking a bit of a detour to see in person. It began its life as a spiral staircase in the historic Marion Hotel, now known as the Marion Apartments, across the street. It was suspended by cables above an alley next to the historic Buick Building; and because of its resemblance to a strand of DNA, it was christened Architectural DNA. /div>

      If you go:
      Can be viewed any time, at no charge. Several fine restaurants and shops are in the neighborhood. And only a couple of blocks away is one of the celebrated Oklahoma postcard murals. Come on, don't you just have to pose beneath it?


      123 Northwest 10th Street
      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      OK Tourism and Recreation Dept.
      +1 (405) 297-8912