• Cerrillos Hills State Park - Cerrillos, New Mexico

      Photo by John Phelan
      This rugged stretch of New Mexico terrain just outside Sante Fe is great territory for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. Additionally, a distinctive point of interest is its long history in the mining of lead and silver. Mine shafts are still visible (safely rendered inaccessible to the public) with informative markers next to them. There is also an herbarium preserving hundreds of plant specimens native to the area.

      If you go:
      Open every day from sunrise to sunset. No campsites. The visitors center has very limited hours, generally 2 to 4 daily except Wednesday and Thursday, though additional hours may be arranged by appointment.


      37 Main Street
      Cerrillos, New Mexico 87010 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Cerillos Hills State Park
      +1 (505) 474-0196