• Desert View Tower - Jacumba Hot Springs, California

      The Desert View Tower location has been a way station for travelers for centuries. As you ascend from the California desert floor on Interstate 8 through a boulder field of giant rocks, peek up to the right. Sticking up above the boulders, is a tower made mostly of stone. Watch for the signs for the road that winds back to the tower and enjoy vistas of the desert floor for miles and miles. The tower is both a gift shop and a viewing spot with the wood coming from the "Old Plank Road" that took travelers over the desert to Yuma and beyond. Outside is the unique Boulder Park, carved by an unemployed engineer in 1933.

      If you go:
      Free to park and visit the gift shop. To climb the tower and explore Boulder Park, the cost is $6.50 adults/$3.50 children. Open daily, year round from 8:30 until around dusk. Closed occasionally because of high winds or family emergencies. Services are in Jacumba, about six miles west via I-8.


      Old Hwy 80
      In-Ko-Pah Park Rd.
      Jacumba Hot Springs, California 91934 USA

      Mailing address:
      PO Box 301
      Jacumba, CA 91934 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Desert View Tower
      +1 (619) 766-9139