• Skywalk at Eagle Point at Grand Canyon West - Peach Springs, Arizona

      View the western part of the Grand Canyon from a horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge that juts 70 feet out over the canyon and 4000 feet from the canyon floor at Eagle Point! The walkway is mostly clear plexiglass, enabling you to look straight down to the bottom of the canyon. A shuttle takes you to two other locations: Guano Point and Hualapai Ranch. Hualapai Ranch offers a number of activities such as wagon, stage coach and horseback rides as well as lodging. You can even try your hand at riding a mechanical bull.

      If you go:
      Grand Canyon West is a development by the Hualapai tribe and not part of the national park. You can purchase admission tickets or more inclusive packages online. Vehicles must be left at the main entrance where visitors board frequent shuttles that take you to the three locations. Cameras and cell phones must be left in a locker while on the Skywalk so if you want a photo, you'll either have to purchase one or have someone in your party stationed below and to the side to snap a photo. Food can be purchased at snack bars and a restaurant overlooking the Skywalk. Gift shops can be found at each location and at the entrance. Cabins can be rented, the nearest hotel is in Peach Springs. Services are available in Kingman, about an hour and one-half away. Pets can be boarded at the ranch and may not be left in cars. The location is not wheelchair accessible at this time.


      Eagle Point Rd,
      Peach Springs, Arizona 86434 USA

      Mailing address:
      16500 E HWY 66
      Peach Springs, AZ 86434 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Grand Canyon West information
      +1 (928) 769-2636.

      Toll-free information
      +1 (888) 868-WEST