• 40 Steps & Cliff Walk - Newport, Rhode Island

      Photo by Osie Turner
      40 Steps is a stone staircase leading down the rocky cliff down to the water. It is one of the best spots to view the ocean and shoreline of Newport. Originally built in the 1890s, 40 Steps was used by the servants who worked at the mansions along the coast. The Cliff Walk is a 3.5 mile long path running along the eastern shore of Newport. The trail offers views of the rugged coast, steep cliffs, and historic mansions.

      If you go:
      Both 40 Steps and the Cliff Walk can be slippery from splashing waves, so be mindful of your footing and keep a safe distance from the drop offs. There are benches along the Cliff Walk and most of the trail is mostly paved but some stretches are soft dirt. Dogs must be leashed.


      198 Narragansett Avenue
      Newport, Rhode Island 02840 USA

      Mailing address:
      43 Broadway
      Newport, Rhode Island 02840 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Cliff Walk Commission
      +1 (401) 845-5300