• Enger Tower - Duluth, Minnesota

      Photo by Peter Thody
      Built in 1939 to honour and thank Norwegian immigrant Bert Enger for his donation of land to the city, Enger Tower is a distinctive, stone-built 5 story building that looks out over Duluth Harbor. Its position, right at the top of Enger Hill (along Enger Tower Drive, in Enger Park, next to Enger Park Golf Course - the city was very grateful!) puts it 531' above Lake Superior for superb panoramic views.

      If you go:
      The tower sits in a pretty, 130-acre park with trails and gardens to enjoy. Enger Park is also home to a Japanese Peace Bell, donated by Duluth's sister city Isumi-Ohara, Japan and a Japanese garden.


      Enger Tower
      Enger Tower Drive
      Duluth, Minnesota 55806 USA

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