• International Peace Garden - Boissevain, Manitoba

      peace garden
      Photo by Peter Thody
      This 2,339 acre garden, established in 1932 to celebrate the story of peace between Canada and the USA, straddles the border and allows you to stand with one foot in each nation. Formal gardens and quiet walks provide the main attraction but there's also a superb indoor cactus collection, a Peace Chapel, and a 911 Memorial consisting of beams from the World Trade Center. Retail therapy is provided in the form of a gift shop and there's a good restaurant too.

      If you go:
      The gardens are open from sunrise to sunset. The Interpretive Center is open Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-6. As you leave the International Peace Garden, you will need to stop at the Port of Entry of the country you wish to enter and show identification (passport recommended) for all vehicle passengers.


      10939 Highway 281,
      Boissevain, Manitoba R0K 0E0 Canada

      Phone Numbers:

      USA Direct Line
      +1 (701) 263-4390

      Canada Direct line
      +1 (204) 534-2510