• Nambe Pueblo - Santa Fe, New Mexico

      Photo by John Phelan
      Fifteen miles outside Santa Fe, near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, sits the Nambe Pueblo, first settled by Native Americans centuries ago. Inhabitants of the modern pueblo welcome visitors who follow appropriate decorum. You may have a chance to witness traditional dances and ceremonies and examine Native arts and crafts. Nearby, the scenic Nambe Falls, Nambe Lake and Nambe Falls Reservoir Campground offer camping, hiking and fishing.

      If you go:
      Contact the pueblo in advance to inquire about special events. And be sure to read and follow the code of conduct on the website. The falls, lake, and campground are closed to visitors during the winter.


      15A Nambe Pueblo 102 West
      Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Nambe Pueblo
      +1 (505) 455-4400

      Campsite reservations
      +1 (505) 455-2304