• The Ennis House - Los Angeles, California

      The Ennis House
      Photo by Osie Turner
      The Ennis House is perhaps best known for its appearance in the now classic films "The House on Haunted Hill" in 1959 and "Blade Runner" in 1982. The striking house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Charles Ennis in 1924. It was built from hand-carved blocks of granite quarried on site, and was inspired by the Mayan temples of Central America and is possibly the finest example of Mayan Revival architecture in the country. It definitely makes for cool vacation photos to show your friends!

      If you go:
      Unfortunately the Ennis House is not open to the public, just a landmark to look at from the street. The Los Feliz neighborhood it is in is full of beautiful houses and great city views and makes for a nice drive. The Los Feliz Murder House is a stone's throw away and is also interesting to see. Be careful of your speed on the hill as the curves are narrow and sharp.


      2655 Glendower Avenue
      Los Angeles, California 90027 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Los Angeles Conservancy
      +1 (213) 623-2489