• Museum of Death - Los Angeles, California

      Photo by Osie Turner
      Definitely not for the faint of heart, the Museum of Death is quite a ghastly experience. As the name implies, this is a museum devoted to exploring all aspects of death. Some of the exhibits include letters and personal artifacts form serial killers, crime scene photos, taxidermy, a recreation of the Heaven's Gate mass suicide, and funeral paraphernalia. The displays treat the subject in a respectful manner, but can be quite unsettling. Be prepared for what the curators call "a good dose of reality."

      If you go:
      Surprisingly there is no age limit for entry, but this is clearly not a good idea for children. No photos are allowed inside the museum. They have a small but free parking lot on the side of the building. If it is full, there is free street parking a short walk away along Carlos Avenue.


      6301 Hollywood Boulevard
      Los Angeles, California 90028 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Museum of Death
      +1 (323) 466-8011