• Outdoor Gravity Park - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      You climb into a large, transparent, inflatable plastic ball partially filled with water. They seal it up and give the ball a push. And off you go, rolling erratically down a hill as you get tossed and sloshed inside the ball, while having the time of your life. An activity that originated in New Zealand, the OGO (outdoor gravity ball) is fun for all ages and perfectly safe. The descent when you're inside the ball feels much longer than it seems when you're watching someone else do it, but have no fears about motion sickness. The only worry you should have is that you might become addicted.

      If you go:
      Open 10 to 6 on Friday and Saturday, and 10 to 5 on other days. During winter months, a dry version of the ride is offered. Tickets are a bit pricey, but you get the best deal by purchasing a package of 3 rides. You'll certainly want to do it more than once anyway. Parking is extremely limited. If you drive an oversize vehicle, call ahead to make certain they can accommodate you, or arrange alternate transportation. You definitely will get wet. Wear swimwear if you like. Bring extra clothing, there is a changing room on site. Be very cautious when climbing into the ball, as the wet wooden deck can get very slippery.


      203 Sugar Hollow Road
      Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 37863 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Outdoor Gravity Park
      +1 (865) 366-2687