• George Black Ferry - Dawson, Yukon Territory

      Photo by Rick Quinn
      There is no bridge across the Yukon River at Dawson City, Yukon. Instead, travelers must use the George Black Ferry, a diesel powered barge that hauls cars, trucks, and RV's back and forth across the river. The George Black Ferry is a free service that runs 24 hours a day in the summer season, but shuts down in winter when the river freezes.

      If you go:
      Try to time your crossing to avoid the peak travel periods, which are from 7 to 11 AM for westbound travelers on the Dawson City side of the river, and from 2 PM until 7 PM for travelers on the east side of the river who are headed into town. The ferry can only haul a dozen or so vehicles at a time, so the wait during those peaks can be as long as three hours. The actual crossing only takes about six minutes. Service stops in mid-October, and resumes in mid-May, after the spring thaw. Call ahead for exact seasonal dates, which can vary from year to year.


      Top of the World Highway

      Top of the World Highway
      Dawson, Yukon Territory Canada

      Phone Numbers:

      Ferry Information
      +1 (867) 993-5566

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      1. Pmount's Avatar
        Pmount -
        One of our favorite Road Trip stories involves this ferry. When we were waiting to take this ferry west into Alaska in 1998 we saw a fuel tanker truck load in front of us. When it reached the other side the tanker did not get off, but returned to the east side and drove off, heading back into Dawson City. We had several theories, but when we asked a walking passenger as they came by, they told us that the truck driver realized he had not filled up the truck's fuel tank - go figure!