• Teklanika River Campground - Healy, Alaska

      Photo by Rick Quinn
      The Teklanika River Campground is at Mile 29 on the Denali Park Road. This is the second largest campground in the park, with 53 spaces for tents or RV's. Those who have reservations at Tek River will be given a permit to drive their private vehicle to their campsite, providing a rare opportunity to drive beyond the normal turnaround at Savage River. There are some caveats: if you do use your vehicle, the minimum stay is three days. You get to drive in, and you get to drive back out, but other than that, your vehicle has to stay parked the whole time you're there.

      If you go:
      There are restrooms at Tek River, and there is potable water, but no shower or laundry facilities, and no hook-ups for RV's. Campfires are allowed, but you'll have to bring the firewood with you, along with everything else you might need. To travel beyond Tek River, you'll have to use the Green Shuttle buses. It's wise to purchase a "Tek Pass" for each member of your party. That will give you unlimited use of the shuttles (to all locations beyond Tek River) for the duration of your stay.


      Park Road
      Healy, Alaska 99743 USA

      Mailing address:
      Denali National Park
      P.O. Box 9
      Denali Park, AK 99755 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Visitor Information
      +1 (907) 683-9532