• Polychrome Overlook - Healy, Alaska

      Photo by Rick Quinn
      At mile 46 on the Denali Park road is the Polychrome Overlook. There are no facilities here, just a wide spot in the road large enough for the tour buses to pull over. From this vantage point, you get a spectacular view of the Polychrome Mountains, a relatively young formation of rock pushed up from below by volcanic activity. Polychrome means "many colors", and that's exactly what you get. The mountains are streaked with russet and orange hues, crowned with glacial ice, and surrounded by rolling green tundra threaded with braided rivers of meltwater. It's a spectacular scene, almost unearthly in its magnificence.

      If you go:
      Private vehicles are never allowed to travel to this point on the Denali Park Road, so the only way to get to the Polychrome overlook is on one of the park buses that leave from the Wilderness Access Center. This is a standard rest stop for all of the tour buses, so you'll be given ample time to get out, stretch your legs, and take your photographs. A clear day in Denali National Park, especially in summer, is a highly coveted bonus.


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