• Mile 1422: End of the Alaska Highway - Delta Junction, Alaska

      Photo by Rick Quinn
      The original "End of the Alaska Highway" is located in the small town of Delta Junction, at Milepost 1422 (as measured from Milepost 0, in Dawson Creek, BC). When the Alaska Highway was built in 1942, this is the point where the new construction was physically linked to the existing Alaska road system: the Richardson Highway, which runs from Valdez, on the Alaskan coast, to Fairbanks. This junction is 200 miles beyond the point where the Alaska Highway crosses the Canadian border, and 100 miles from Fairbanks. Since very few people actually end their Alaska Highway adventure at this isolated road junction, there's a second monument in downtown Fairbanks, at Mile 1523, marking the "unofficial" end of the Alaska Highway.

      If you go:
      The "End of the Alaska Highway" milepost monument is located in front of the Delta Junction Visitor's Center, at the historic junction of the Alaska Highway with the Richardson Highway. The center has some interesting exhibits that are worth a look. An assortment of the original equipment used to build the historic highway is rusting slowly away in a field across the street, a fascinating display of antique Machinery.


      Delta Junction Visitor's Center
      Alaska Highway
      Delta Junction, Alaksa 99731 USA

      Mailing address:
      Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce
      P.O. Box 987
      Delta Junction, AK 99737 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Delta Junction Visitor's Center
      +1 (997) 895-5063